How to fly comfortably...

How to fly comfortably...

I took my first flight at the ripe old age of 11 to Chile.

Since then it’s been a love/hate never know how new/old the plane will be, how to trust a new airline and what to take with you to provide yourself with the most comfortable flight.  As time has gone by, I’ve stopped caring as much about how I look on a flight and much prefer comfort and ease over style.  Here are just a few tips and handy things I like to take with me for a perfect journey (for a long haul flight, as short flights aren’t as tricky, depending on how much you need to sleep). 

I always try and grab the window seat.  For some reason, having a window seat makes falling asleep far easier - this depends on how claustrophobic you feel when enclosed though. I always check in with plenty of time and choose the seat that works for me…not too close to the front, not too close to the back. Usually the front seats have the crying babies, and the back ones have people coming in and out of the toilet constantly (beware!) . If I feel like I won’t sleep as easily for a long time (and I’m feeling less sociable) I will book on the far left of the aisle seats, then you’ll only need to get up yourself for one person. Sometimes the seats in between are free too so you’ll get to put your feet up if you’re a South American hybrid like myself with short legs.

ESSENTIALSI ALWAYS have my neck cushion, ear plugs and eye cover - these are my essentials when travelling. These are typically the things that we lose quite easily, so I keep it all together in a small bag, handy to reach at the top of the bag.  

Eye Mask: Weirdly, invest wisely in this, as the cheaper ones break fairly easily, and still let light in.  The ones that don’t crush your eyes so you can’t see properly when you wake are also better.  The velcro back is good as then you can re-adjust and the strap won’t loosen too much.

Ear Plugs: Essential for both plane and travel in general.  These wax earplugs are insanely good. The only thing you’ll be able to hear is your brain having thoughts about how good they are.

 Travel Cushion: I’ve been through the some cushions in my time but this one is by far the best. Not quite as small as those 1 pound ones, or as a big as the huge non inflatable ones - the middle ground with extreme comfort.

Clothing:  I usually start in jogging pants and a T-shirt (as I’m lazy and casual anyway) but dress in your usual clothes, but have a comfortable jogging pants/hoody set (not too thick) in your bag, ready to throw on when the seatbelt signs go on. Kick back, relax and have a whisky…or 5!  

Extras: Other things I travel with are a set of headphones, in case I want to wind down with some music.  If you’re wary of space, any comfortable headphones will do, though for complete silence invest in some noise cancelling headphones. Also, I always travel with my Came bak water bottle filled up.

Something to snack on is always beneficial, especially if the airline food is awful.  And if I have any, melatonin is a great supplement to take for sleep, especially one that’s not illegal. Nor does it make you groggy when you wake up for that delicious airline breakfast...

Safe travels!

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