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Assam - Hair Moisturiser

Assam - Hair Moisturiser

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Drawing inspiration from Assam's verdant tea gardens and famed orange trees, our Assam Hair Moisturizer is a tribute to its rich botanical heritage. Immerse your hair in a nourishing blend accentuated by notes of sweet orange oil, calming chamomile, aromatic linalool, and the deep undertones of cedarwood virginian. Experience both revitalized tresses and the tranquil essence of Assam in every application.

  • Low Hold with a natural sheen
  • Anti-frizz and nourishing

HOW TO USE Apply a small amount to dry or damp hair, distributing evenly from mid-lengths to ends. Blow dry for a sleek, nourished finish, or let it air dry for a natural look. Perfect for any hair type but especially good for waves and curls.

Pump: Made of 100% Plastic. Label: Rock paper, made from mining waste. Attributes: Vegan-Friendly, Cruelty-Free. Bottle: Made with 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic™

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